[Exhibition of Air room products x _cthruit at SAON]

 _cthruit will have an exhibition with a shirt brand, Air room products, in a gallery SAON, Tottori, Japan.

The gallery is run by a glassblowing artist, Tomoko Ohya, of whom I'm also a big fan, that carries various items she selects herself.


Dates:  Sat 20 - Mon 29 April

Opening hours: 10:00-18:00 (closed on Tues)

Place: SAON

Address: 1F, Uomachi 2521 Kurayoshi, Tottori, Japan


今回はギャラリーには伺えないのですが、シャツのブランドAir room productsとご一緒いたします。





[MAD Fashion and Sales]

 _cthruit will participate in MAD Fashion and Sales in the beginning of April with other great designers!


Dates:  Fri 4, Sat 5 April

Opening hours: 12:00-20:00

Place: MAD

Address: Place du Nouveau Marché aux grains 10, 1000 Brussels

Free entrance


Designers:Miono, Akaso, Jessie Lecomte, Just in case, Maison Balena, Filles à papa, Yuso, Isatio, Catalina J, 4254,  Annemie Verbeke, Max & lola, Ireene, World of Wonder, Valérie Berckmans, Espèces, Gioia seghers, Art'emi, Conni Kaminski, Parotte b., Lorraine Frennet, Erratum fashion, Inevitabile, LG&M, Caroline du Chastel, Rue Blanche, Sample Slow Jewelry, 925collective, Doriane van Overeem


4月上旬、ブリュッセルのファッション美術館MADにて行われるMAD Fashion Salesに参加します。



日程: Fri 4, Sat 5 April

会場: MAD

住所: Place du Nouveau Marché aux grains 10, 1000 Brussels



[Art and Fashion Fair | 5 Designers, 5 Worlds eyes]


_cthruit will be a part of an art and fashion event in Brussels with 4 other designers.


Dates: Fri 29, Sat 30 and Sun 31 Mar

Venue: Maison des Arts d'Uccle

Address: Rue du Doyenné 102, 1180 Uccle Brussels


Fri 29: 17:00-22:00 (Opening party)

Sat 30: 10:00-18:00

Sun 31: 9:30-14:30

Free entry


Ataman (women's clothings)
Erratum Fashion (women's clothings)
Sophie De Henau (Photography)
YUSO (bag)

Rosapiu (flower)

_cthruit (glass jewellery)


ブリュッセルのUccleのMaison des Arts内で行われるイベントに参加します。



日程: Fri 29, Sat 30 and Sun 31 Mar

会場: Maison des Arts d'Uccle

住所: Rue du Doyenné 102, 1180 Uccle Brussels


29(金): 17:00-22:00 (Opening party)

30(土): 10:00-18:00

31(日): 9:30-14:30



[Pop-up store in Akaso, Brussels/Antwerp]


_cthruit will have a pop-up store in a boutique of a clothing brand, Akaso, in the Galerie de roi in the heart of Brussels.

Akaso is a Belgian lable with various collections inspired by beautiful Ethiopian body painting patterns.


Dates: Sat 2 - Sun 3, Sat 9 - Sun 10, Feb

Venue: Akaso Brussels

Address: Galerie de roi/St. Hubert Bruxelles (in front of Dandoy)

Hours:  Sat 11:00-18:30, Sun 13:00-1800


Dates: Sat 2 - Sun 3,  Mar

Venue: Akaso Antwerp

Address: Address:Nationalestraat 15-17 Antwerp 2000

Hours:  Sat 10:00-18:30, Sun 13:00-1800



ブリュッセルの中心部にあるGalerie St.Hubert内でPop upをします。

3月は同じくAkasoのAntwerp店でのPop upです。


日程: Sat 2 - Sun 3, Sat 9 - Sun 10, Feb

会場: Akaso Brussels

住所: Galerie de roi/St. Hubert Bruxelles (in front of Dandoy)

時間: Sat 11:00-18:30, Sun 13:00-1800


日程: Sat 2 - Sun 3,  Mar

会場: Akaso Antwerp

住所: Address:Nationalestraat 15-17 Antwerp 2000

時間:  Sat 10:00-18:30, Sun 13:00-1800